Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Okay Pictures From Maggot House

These are alright, good show though. From a show on January 14th at Maggot House.

Sarah Aument

The Hundred Acre Woods

Lana Avacada

Acoustic Shows Are Cool.

This wasn't all acoustic. There were a couple acoustic sets and then Little Light played in the basement along with a surprise set by Roof Doctor. It was a nice, relaxed show at Maggot House. Oh this was on January 19th.

Acoustic sets by Jill Mallon, Molly Yochum, Zack Reinhardt, and Abi Reimold

Little Light

Mark Harper (Roof Doctor)

Shows in the Suburbs

Some photos of Rasputin's Secret Police and The Hundred Acre Woods played a show at St. Andrew's Church on January 7th. Small crowd, but awesome show.

Rasputin's Secret Police

The Hundred Acre Woods

City Hall Collective @ Motel Hell

City Hall Collective played at Motel Hell in South Philly on December 3rd. The show was totally rad and I did some cool experimentation with my camera.

Also check out the City Hall Collective blog.

Old People

Prime Homeless Time

Stinky Smelly

Rasputin's Secret Police