Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just Another Night At IHOP

Norwegian Arms and Bleeding Fractals played at IHOP.. I think October 15th?

Norwegian Arms

Bleeding Fractals

Tiny Basements Are Hard To Mosh In

Rasputin's Secret Police, Old People, Snoozer, and Prime Homeless Time played at this house called the Lady Cloud Lair in Roxbourough. It was a weird show. But it was fun.

Old People

Rasputin's Secret Police

A Show In A Foundry

September 17, Rasputin's Secret Police and Snoozer played with some cool bands on Rutgers, New Brunswick. The show took place in a foundry. It was pretty sweet. Here's some pix!

Rasputin's Secret Police 

Old People @ Biddy City

September 9 @ Biddy City (Gratz & Cecil B. Moore)
A couple of bands played here a while back, I only got good shots of Old People, so here they are!

Old People

City Hall Collective: Busted

I have been very, very bad about uploading photos.

These are from a City Hall Collective show at IHOP on September 2. It was a really good show until the cops busted in and kicked everyone out. Oh and I was put in handcuffs. But it's all good.

Well here's what I got:

Stinky Smelly

Rasputin's Secret Police